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Land West of Knebworth Village

Strategic Masterplan Vision

Sites KB1 and KB2 are intimately connected with each other and with the village of Knebworth as a whole.  Before articulating the aims and objectives for the development of KB1 and KB2, the Strategic Masterplan process requires the need to understand the constraints currently presented by both sites and their surrounding context.
The Constraints Plan below maps all the technical and planning constraints affecting the two sites currently:
Taking these constraints into account, proposed aims and objectives have been identified at a series of levels, from village-wide down to site-specific:
Village-wide objectives:

• To help create a well-shaped, well-connected village for the 21st century
• Knit together the proposed neighbourhoods with the existing Knebworth communities

Objectives for the combined sites:

• Preserve, enhance and connect together existing landscape features
• Create a neighbourhood that promotes walking, cycling and healthy living and delivers Biodiversity Net Gain
• Create a principal organising North-South Green Route using substantial existing historic landscape features
• A village green where the North-South Green Route crosses Park Lane – creating the heart of the resulting neighbourhood
• Create streets and spaces based on the best of local settlements and Garden Village heritage in Knebworth

Objectives for KB1:

• Use the central existing hedge as the structuring device for the layout
• Use the pond and associated trees to form a focal point in the area

Objectives for KB2:

• Use the topography and surface water routes as the structuring devices for the layout
• Create a well-integrated interface between the school and the existing and proposed residential environments.

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